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Self-Pleasure mastery programme
Let's start with undeniable truths
  1. To give pleasure, one must know pleasure.
  2. You're your only guaranteed supreme lover forever.

Do you feel like your cock takes over your life and attention?

Do you often walk around for hours thinking of nothing else other than getting laid? Or are you feeling numb in your sex?

Does a thought of intimacy with another brings you suffering, makes you crynge?

If so, welcome, you ARE exactly where you need to be.


Eros is, in my opinion, the most powerful teacher we can have: it knows what it wants. By connecting to our Eros mindfully we can restore a well functioning structure. By being disconnected we'll keep running after shallow satisfactions, fighting by ignoring it or pretending it's not there.

Why self-pleasure? These are some of the benefits that mindful self-pleasure practice brings to thousands of people:

  • expanding the types & range of orgasms experienced,

  • becoming multi-orgasmic,

  • ejaculatory choice (separation of orgasm & ejaculation),

  • better health,

  • better mood,

  • more energy,

  • continuous evolution of your being. 

And it can get AMAZING very fast, better than sex with others indeed.

The self-pleasure programme includes

  • 1.5 hr individual session to design a bespoke self-pleasure practice. Most common objectives are releasig addiction to porn, finding a way for your penis not to overpower your life, opening your heart, healing sexual health problems (e.g. premature ejaculation, low libido, etc).

  • 1.5 hr extra individual session mid-way to support the self-practice.

  • 4-week membership in a group online practice in a comfort of your home (cameras off during the practice :)).

And the investment is £250 (22% off!). Separately sessions cost £140 each and the group membership is £50 per month.

If you'd like to book or have questions on format, please see the Book Online page.

"I believe that one third of all individuals who are in psychotherapy just need to learn to masturbate better. They don’t need psychotherapy. They need to explore pleasure, intimacy, and mindfulness with a masturbation coach".

Joseph Kramer, Ph.D

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure"

Nelson Mandela - Inaugural speech


"Knowing that I can have enough self-love to

make love to myself with as much care and tenderness and technique as to a woman is a solid first step toward sexual healing."

Anonymous client from

"Intro to Mindful masturbation"

"I've also attended Irina's online sessions over the period, and while it's hard to replace her physical presense and intuitive touch, the combination of the two modalities is quite powerful. More definitely happens in my body and mind in those solo sessions just through Irina's guidance and knowing she's there albeit virtually.

While still very much a nascent work in progress, so much has changed in my sexuality since starting to work with Irina. My self pleasure is indeed a pleasure that i look forward to, my orgasms are noticeably more prolonged and intense, my ejactulations are a little all over the place but certainly in flux versus the previously direct association with orrgasm. And just in general, I feel more alert, creative and alive"

St***, London

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