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How to book?

Sunset on river Don, connection to my roots, to mother nature's gifts.

To book any of the in-person sessions, please either send me a message with a summary of your request or, if unsure, please fill in this short form to help us both better understand your case and suggest a path forward.

To sign up to my online programmes, please request to join and send the payment via paypal, revolut or wise to I also have bank transfer and crypto options to book, please contact me requesting relevant details.

Session format

When the intention is tantric initiation or pleasure, first sessions are focused on sensitizing your body to feel pleasure in ways haven't experienced before. This requires relaxation and focus within, letting go of the need to act and give back. As you might have noticed, the latter can be challenging, especially for male bodies. Hence why relaxing and surrendering is often one of the most valuable and eye-opening aspects of my offering. Thus we start with no touch or one-way touch and I work clothed offering my education, loving presence and touch with my hands and arms.


Pricing for in-person sessions varies depending on your objectives. Please see relevant pages for more details.

Online sessions

(Promotional rates 21st Feb - 21st March)

1 hr intro offer - £40 (available once to new clients).

1.5 hr coaching - £75

If you're new to this work and/or budget-sensitive, I highly recommend starting with 1-hr intro session, the juice of embodied pleasure, followed by 1-2 weeks of practicing what you've learnt prior to coming to me for an in-person work. This preparation will allow you to make the most of the in-person time with me. 

** My most affordable modality of work is the online Supreme Inner Lover programme. Additionally, I offer up to 30% discounts for full-time students, youth and other people in need of such discount. Spaces are allocated each month, please enquire in advance.

Our Services

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