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Sexual Bodywork & Healing

Sexual bodywork is a practice of aligning one's being with the naturally ecstatic current of life. We are an integral part of the environment around us, we continuously receive and emit millions of molecules and waves through air, water, light, sound, etc. Many spiritual practices say that our aim is to become a pure vessel for such processes while  expressing them in our own very unique ways.

Some of these processes may be blocked in your being due to environmental factors, genetics, relationships or any other reason. Blockages most often occur in the reproductive system or area of the heart, but may very well not be limited to these. The aim of my bodywork sessions is to release all that is in the way of ecstatic current within you. This is a very intuitive and energetic process where both participants set an intention and take an attitude of being in process of such intention. Then all that remains is to stay attuned to how life wants to move. If you have never done this before, you will be amazed at the wisdom hidden within.​

The bodywork part of the session normally lasts around 1 hr 30 mins. Massage is often a part of it, however, it may not be relevant at times. After the session a receiver is invited to stay in quiet integration period and have a slow drink to gradually come back. I advise to allow around 2 hr 30 mins for complete experience. This amount of time is usually required to allow for deep relaxation and reversal of rushing patterns of modern daily life.​​​


Bermondsey space:

9 hr package - £1095 (can include 1st session if purchased in the end of it, valid 12 weeks)

Individual sessions:

2 hr session - £330

3 hr session - £430

4 hr session - £470

Liverpool space or central London client locations (extra) - from £65.

If you'd like to book or have questions on format, please see the Booking page.

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