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Discover your juicy body support system

Tailored for you playful guided movement, touch and awareness practice focused on drawing aliveness from within. A super easy and fun way for you to try the fundamentals of my approach to tantra, the process of ecstatic flow and transformation of energy in your being.

Please note: here the pleasure & aliveness come from inside of you, and there are unlimited quantities of it. It's not an interaction with my body, and I am clothed. Being clothed is my personal preference, but it's also more valuable for you if you're looking to expand your sexual world. Men are conditioned to get destructed way too easily by another body, outside, etc. You've done this for years, now my mission is to show you treasures inside. Give yourself this gift! And it'll also enhance your other pleasures, when you're with another being, etc.

These fundamentals are covered in my first in-person sessions, and then practiced in most. Hence, they will be used in my later work allowing for shorter sessions if you're tight on time.
The session is 1 hr and it costs £50. Available only once to new clients.

If you'd like to book or have questions on format, please see the Pricing & Booking page.

When you find space to breath, move, sound and listen, magic rises from within.

"I believe that one third of all individuals who are in psychotherapy just need to learn to masturbate better. They don’t need psychotherapy. They need to explore pleasure, intimacy, and mindfulness with a masturbation coach".

Joseph Kramer, Ph.D

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure"

Nelson Mandela - Inaugural speech


"Knowing that I can have enough self-love to

make love to myself with as much care and tenderness and technique as to a woman is a solid first step toward sexual healing."

Anonymous client from

"Intro to Mindful masturbation"

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