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My Why

My Background

My Why

"Because when doing this work I  am Love."

It is my profound believe that sexuality

  • is a source of highest, deepest, most transforming pleasure & experiences for most of us,

  • is so strongly connected to life that it contains all questions and all answers, or at least their essence, 

  • it therefore can be as ugly & as beautiful as life,

  • is crucial to our sense of fulfillment,

  • due to being shamed, avoided, shoved under the carpet & grotesquely misrepresented through porn, it is often the source of some of the worst abuse,

  • is hidden from children so poorly that one out of four is sexually abused before we reach adulthood,

  • an area of life in which most of us would hugely benefit from being supported, further educated & healed.​​

Through my own experiences I have come to believe that you & I are truly infinite. My passion is to introduce you to ways of discovering yourself in an unknown territory.

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My work

I facilitate tantric massage, sexual bodywork and intimacy coaching sessions in London, UK to help inquisitive people like you to

  • practice juicy lovemaking that fires you & your lover up & fills you with pleasure that keeps running in your bodies like a delicious current for days,

  • come out of stagnation in intimacy,

  • rebuild your body image, start feeling desirable & attractive (again),

  • release limiting emotions and build healthy relationship with your body & sexual health organs,

  • heal premature ejaculation, low stamina or low libido


My Background

From my birth, through childhood and early teens, life presented me with all ugly faces of sexuality. It was an existential matter for me to find the other side of the sexuality coin. And so I did.

I discovered that treating one's whole being with sexuality included as sacred, with full acceptance melts humans into love. It's often an entirely new universe of sensations and perceptions they may never felt before. 

Challenging social & political environment of my early life, exceptional scientific & cultural education, tireless exploration of intimacy & spiritual practices  have forged my mind, heart and energetic system that now want to serve you on your journey to sexual wholeness.

My training includes:

- Bachelor of Mathematics, Masters in Sociology & Statistics,

- International School of Temple Arts Practitioner Training Modules 1 & 2,

- Levels 1, 2 & 3 of the International School of Temple Arts, assisting at the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience (SSSeX), Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Initiation (SSSiN)

- 20+ years of yoga practice,

- 5+ years of training in ascending path of tantric tradition,

- 2+ years of taoism tantric practice,

- Foundations of Relational Embodiment training (Institute for Relational Harmony Studies),

- The Yoga of Sex (Joseph Cramer).

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