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How to love a woman?

The social media study I and my colleagues have conducted showed that:

- 87% of women said they had sex with men who finished earlier than they could orgasm.

- 77% of women said they had sex with a man who could last forever, but...

- 52% of these women (the 77%) said that the experience of a man who could have sex for as long as they wanted was negative. What the heck?!

Because while being able to stay in penetration for hours is amazing, jackhammering a woman without a sense of connection (like in porn) feels just like that, jackhammering. 

We train a state of loving presence for another, with mind not occupied by what it would like to do with them later. Being attentive and free of transactional mindset allows receivers to fully relax and surrender. Even the best touch technique will have very shallow effect in the absence of such capacity. Superb attention involves an ability to listen to their words, their body language and any subtle clues.

I firmly believe that one cannot give pleasure to another if they are not connected to their body or cannot pleasure themselves. Thus the development of your capacity to observe another and be present, first with oneself and then with others, happens in a 4 stage programme.

Stage 1. Cultivating loving presence.

Techniques and practices to release of any rush or preconceived agenda, master a sense of space, connecting to another with admiration and acceptance. Here you'll gain skills for real communication and establishing agreements for an interaction.

This stage takes about 5-25 hrs of practice which can be done as a mixture of in-person sessions, practice with friends and lovers and solo practice. The knowledge for it is offered via in-person sessions, my Powered by Eros online programme or Intimacy Coaching programme.

Stage 2. Honing touch.

Most bodies like similar range of things. And what your partner loves is best to be learnt from them. To get there you learn to notice what a body likes and dislikes. The feedback is direct, so it's much easier and quicker. This skill can quickly develop to the point that it brings you to alternate states of consciousness, bliss & connection with all. The latter is a very enriching to be aware of fact of life, and our erotic energy, when harnessed with intelligence, is marvellous in letting us feel it.

This stage takes about 10-30 hrs of mostly solo practice, and the knowledge for it is offered via the Tantric Bliss Initiation or the Powered By Eros programme. Receiving touch from me is often a great accelerator of your path, especially at this stage.

Stage 3. Two-way touch.

The framework authentic communication and establishing safe agreements while engaging in a non-sexual two-way touch. This stage is crucial to learn as most of us haven't got a clear idea of what they want, how to ask for it and how to give touch for someone's pleasure and for our pleasure. 

This stage takes about 20-50 hrs of practice which can be done as a mixture of in-person sessions, practice with friends and lovers and solo practice. The knowledge for it is offered via the Intimacy Coaching programme. 

Stage 4. Full body two-way touch.

This is a very advanced practice requiring a profound level of openness between participants. I support clients who wish to get there with my guidance and finding an appropriate practice partner. This is very individual, and most popular options are: friends, lovers, a professional model or a surrogate.


​​The price of the first session depends on your experience and intentions for this work (pleasure, education, etc), preferred time and format. I offer scholarships for youth and concessions seeking healing. To receive a quote, please read the How to book? page and fill in the form here.

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