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Tantric Bliss Initiation

In tantric bliss initiation sessions all senses and ranges of stimulations are involved in perfect proportion to achieve expansive pleasures that turn on your whole being and, when followed with trust and surrender, leave you feel ecstatic and elated for days to come. And you come out with the ability to apply all of the components in your daily life.

We start with a guided meditation with breath, sound and movement. This is a fundamental skill of connecting with your own body. Then, given the body is open and ready for it, we proceed to a full body massage with the awakening of the senses. This experience is amazing in discovering more expansive pleasure in a relaxing environment. The full body massage includes genital massage, if you're open to it, and you're free to orgasm or not.


The most important take away from my session is not whether you orgasm or how much pleasure you receive (although there is normally mountains of that), but learning practices of combining touch, breath, sound and movement that you'll be able to use daily both on your own and with others. These practices will not only greatly enhance the quality of your intimate experiences, they will also support your general physical and mental health. 


Within the session you can have an orgasm  or not, whatever your body feels like. However, if you follow my guidance your orgasm will be different: a lot more of your body will be able feel it. About a third of my clients have a version of a full body orgasm in the first session.

If you'd like to book or have questions on format, please see the Pricing & Booking page.


Bermondsey space:

9 hr package - £1095 (can include 1st session if purchased in the end of it, valid 12 weeks)

Individual sessions:

2 hr session - £350

3 hr session - £490

Liverpool space or central London client locations (extra) - from £85.

* discounts and volunteer-client reduced cost sessions available to youth, full-time students and other groups in need of support. Please dm for details.

Session format

When the intention is tantric initiation or pleasure, first sessions are focused on sensitizing your body to feel pleasure in ways haven't experienced before. This requires relaxation and focus within, letting go of the need to act and give back. As you might have noticed, the latter can be challenging, especially for male bodies. Hence why relaxing and surrendering is often one of the most valuable and eye-opening aspects of my offering. Thus we start with no touch or one-way touch and I work clothed offering my education, loving presence and touch with my hands and arms.

I don't engage in surrogacy or two-way sexual touch. I do work with women that are willing to support you in this way (extra £250 - £500 per hour).


"Never felt anything like this before. I was in another world. You're a magical being! How much time has passed?"

Josh, Hong-Kong, 31

"I've never felt so relaxed in my life. The tingling throughout the body. The orgasm was also so very different, but not only that, so many things! I can't describe this. My brain is not back yet. Thank you so much!"

Ar***, Dubai, 45

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