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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work exactly?

This is a body-based learning. You learn to feel yourself and distribute sensations through attention, focus, breath, sound, and movement. I'll guide you through coaching, own example (where appropriate), and touch.

My work brings on ancient knowledge and adds the latest insight from psychology and neuroscience. I help you build a new form of intelligence, the body based one. It includes intuition, emotions and bodily sensations.

Will I have an orgasm in your session?

Orgasms are welcome if that's where your body is feeling to go. I recommend not to force them with your head or have them as your main goal. The latter would be a limiting framework for your body to relax, release and learn in.

I help you to fully listen to your body and be guided by it on your path of pleasure. Once you do, you'll most likely have lots of orgasms. All my clients do.

How do we interact?

I don't offer traditional sexual services. My work is therapeutic and educational. The most valuable learning for sexually active adults is in re-patterning and activating subtle aspects of our energetic structure. Both of these are many times harder to do in a sexually charged interaction. A degree needs to be lowered for us not to fall into patterns and to feel safe & relaxed enough to explore something new.

How do I book?

If you already agreed the format and time of the session, then booking is confirmed by paying a £50 deposit via paypal, wise, bank transfer or Revolut.

If you haven't agreed on the format and timing, please could you get in touch or complete this form. Once the form is completed, I'll get back to you within 2 working days.

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