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Depending on your needs and availability, I offer a range of services varying from 1-1 in person sessions to powerful guided group online journeys and self-paced courses on my app ranging from 1 hr explorations to fundamental 8-week journeys. 

Tantric Bliss initiation - educational experience
(best for 1st time)

A bespoke initiation ritual designed for you to discover all fundamental components of conscious sexuality and be able to choose where to go next.

Sexual bodywork & healing

In sexual bodywork sessions we unleash your capacity for ecstasy through clearing any blockages, stagnation or memory of past traumatic experiences using strong intention, mindful breathing, emotional processing and other practices that might be useful for you. It is a deeply intuitive and surrendered process of allowing our inner wisdom to lead the way. 

Onion Harvest
Tantric massage​ for pleasure & nourishment

A full body massage focused on awakening receiver's senses, capacity for pleasure and ability to relax and let go.

Sexual coaching​

Online sessions to help you discover a new universe of your feeling and sensations within, deepen connection with yourself and loved ones and discovering your authentic intimate needs.

Powered By Eros Programme

App support, group & coaching guidance to create the most profound relationship one can have - with our own body, mind, heart & Eros. 

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