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Powered By Eros

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Get Powered By Eros method: a hands-on step-by-step path to discover what you really want in intimacy and how to get it. The method follows the Exquisite Love programme, which is a unique system for sexual life with confidence, relaxation and trust. We synthesize complementary approaches from 5 spiritual traditions, psychology, dance and neuroscience to awaken your sex, heart and emotions in record low time and have them power each other up! ✅ Bonus 1: Authentic & proud date: practices to boost confidence in showing yourself. ✅ Bonus 2: 3 fortnightly 1-1 coaching sessions (approx 60-90 mins total). ✅ Bonus 3: Enlightenment on steroids: release all limiting beliefs in 1-2 weeks for good. ✅ Bonus 4: Powered by Er.os 3-month membership: including access to new content, free participation in group online events & the community. ✅ Bonus 5: Powered By Er.os App: juice up anywhere, anytime

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