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At the service of conscious love and sacred sexuality awakening

Infinite spiraling into perfection

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Re-vamp your intimacy

Re-disover yourself

Re-vitalize your life

Greetings and welcome to Ecstatic Earthling!

You can watch the video to hear about the essence of this project. 



Tantric Bliss Immersion

Perfect experience to dive into a new universe of your sensations and pleasure.

Which offering is for me?

Tantric Bliss Initiation is best for exploring your sexuality, fundamentals of tantra, pleasuring a partner (via receiving), bringing more juice and aliveness to your body & life.

Sexual Bodywork & Healing are sessions tailored to healing and therapy needs. They are deeper, slower and require more space to integrate (e.g. no heavy parties or drugs afterwards). 

Inner Lover Mastery is superb for taking ownership of your sexuality and serving as fundamentals to learn to pleasure a partner. It's an online programme that can also serve for therapy and healing, especially if one needs to be in the comfort of their own home.

Inner Lover Mastery app course: if you're a disciplined person that loves to discover learn from books and instructions, you can tailor your learning journey by using my app. 

Tantric Massage is most suitable as a recharge session. It is recommended to do this after the Tantric Bliss Initiation to be able to use breath, sound and movement to support your dropping in.

Intimacy Coaching is an individually tailored programme and is usually done after one of the above offerings.

If you've experienced a severe trauma or are on strong medication, please fill in THIS FORM. I'll let you know if I can support your intention. I endeavour to respond within 48 hours of the submission.


Irina's care and respect that she transmits during the session is evident from her knowledge of the tantra way of life. An educator for connecting with oneself from the core level, Irina helped me begin healing while discovering a dormant feeling of myself that is wrapped in arms of non judgmental acceptance. Cultivating an atmosphere that sets the mind and body to ease, Her methods of meditation and realigning the chakras opens oneself up to letting go of negativity and exploring a pathway to internal and universal connectivity. Irina is a strong, welcoming, gracious soul with a relaxing determination to help improve the wellbeing of those she works with. I can't explain enough of the doors she has helped me open into a more confident, strengthening direction of healing. Irina allows you to surrender to yourself with the energy she helps manifest. She is a wonderful expression of letting go of the heavy and being in the moment through connecting with oneself. A transformational experience from an admirable human being. Thank you.

Na****, London

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if you're interested in a session, please fill in THIS FORM and we could have a complimentary call to discuss your intention and whether I can help support it.
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