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Служение осознанной любви и священному эросу.

Infinite spiraling into perfection

The Ouroboros is a symbol of the integration and assimilation of opposites, the unity of the conscious and unconscious mind.

Exquisite connection

Wisdom of the matter

Nourishing intimacy

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Why do I give my life to sexual empowerment? Our sexuality is an immensely powerful part of human nature. I believe that bringing sexuality out of shame & repression and back to light, embracing our animal nature and connecting it to our hearts is a crucial step to our wholeness and to a society we'd all want to live in. Thousands of our contemporaries have now shown that, connected to our hearts and minds, eros generates immense personal power. When we are connected to our source, literally places in our bodies we all came from, we can stand for our truths and goodness no matter what. Institutional power dominated most societies for the past few thousand years, and while it created progress, it also limited our creative expression, repressing our sexuality and freedom in ways that are not serving us anymore. Sexual repression is positively correlated to sexual abuse and trauma, much of which happens within families.  We cannot continue shoving this power under the carpet. It blurts out in the ugliest of ways. We all know living examples. If we don't own our power, someone else does. Connecting to our eros connects us to the centre of our creative energy. Our body-mind is a self-organising intelligence that is wired for win-win living with others and the environment around us. Through progress we've generated enough abundance to cover most pressing survival needs, thus enabling us to focus on our hearts longings, on growing our creative genius and gifts we've come into this world with. And the eros is our main ally on such journey.  ​ Moreover, connected to our eros we grow to intuitively know and bring on the intimate balance of life that is good to our life circumstances at every given moment: activity and rest, growth and decay, light and dark.



Irina's care and respect that she transmits during the session is evident from her knowledge of the tantra way of life. An educator for connecting with oneself from the core level, Irina helped me begin healing while discovering a dormant feeling of myself that is wrapped in arms of non judgmental acceptance. Cultivating an atmosphere that sets the mind and body to ease, Her methods of meditation and realigning the chakras opens oneself up to letting go of negativity and exploring a pathway to internal and universal connectivity. Irina is a strong, welcoming, gracious soul with a relaxing determination to help improve the wellbeing of those she works with. I can't explain enough of the doors she has helped me open into a more confident, strengthening direction of healing. Irina allows you to surrender to yourself with the energy she helps manifest. She is a wonderful expression of letting go of the heavy and being in the moment through connecting with oneself. A transformational experience from an admirable human being. Thank you.

Na****, London

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