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The Feminine Blossom programme
Rooted in Earth, Dancing in Joy: a Path to Authentic Feminine Power.

Programme components

  • In-person workshop on feminine sensuality (21st Apr 18-20).

  • Online sessions: 14 Apr, 28 Apr, 5 May.

  • Follow practices on the app (Android, IOS & web) at a convenient time.

  • Dance as sensing: guided sessions to express your states through the movement of your hips, belly, chest and arms.

  • Using internal muscle contractions to build vital tonus and strong energetic flow.

  • Breathing and meditation techniques to support letting go, grounding, revitalising and finding our perfect rhythm and pace.

  • Massage techniques to re-sensitise, heal and nourish our feminine organs.

  • Emotional integration tools to capitalise on this vital intelligence. You'll know how to feel your anger, your sadness, your grief, your exuberant joy, your (un)reasonable optimism to serve you and the life around.

  • Meditation practices for rapid release of limiting beliefs.


3 weekly online classes + workshop + 8-week app access - £111*.

* discounts available to youth, full-time students and other groups in need of support. Please dm for details.

Your capacity to feel & sense is a gift, a power and an intelligence. Let's recognise our inner genius and bring it on, have it serve you & life as it's meant to. The time has come, sister❤️

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Magic ingredients


When in touch with her deep nature, a woman feels spontaneously & unconditionally happy. Women feel their sensuality & sexuality awaken as a pure and natural expression of their being during dancing. Rapid increase in pleasure, including energetic, vaginal and full body orgasms are common via this dancing practice.

Fundamentals of human aliveness

Attention, breath, sound & muscle contractions are used together thus greatly increasing the effect of any embodied practice. The practice opens the heart, strengthens and clears the belly, releases shame and blockages related to the genitals and thus also brings a clear and strong mind function.

Easy to integrate into busy lives practices

We do “normal” things (breath, move, tone & stretch muscles) and combine them with our attention in a way that supports healthier blood, lymph & oxygen flow in the body, and brings more aliveness and pleasure through. Within a short time most elements can be practiced nearly every minute of your waking life.

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