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What do I have "down there" and how it affects my life?

"Something is fundamentally wrong with me because I am a girl. And I can't change that." - Ira, 4 years old.

Four months before I was born, the fifth daughter in the family, my father and my mother's sister had a son. Even then, without fully understanding why, I felt my insignificance in my father's indifference. As a child, I thought that if this was true, then life was not worth living: it was not worth being a slave to male whims. It was crucial for me to uncover the truth.

Now, talking about it doesn't hurt. The pain has integrated into a sense of wholeness and self-love. I speak because I know millions of women carry the burden of feeling inferior.

Society, families, and even professional environments still harbor hundreds of hidden messages about the unequal status of women. For instance, studies have shown that when working with a man and a woman with equal qualifications, people perceive the man as more professional and treat him with more patience and respect.

And how many accusations do women face for expressing their sexuality? Perhaps you've heard: "Close your legs, you're not a..." or "Hide your chest!"


Our body, specifically - our genitals and breasts.

As a result, millions form a chain of thought: I am a woman → I am undervalued for it → I am in pain, who is to blame? My genitals and breasts.

Gender equality has not yet been achieved. Even very successful women around the world feel that something is fundamentally wrong with them. Maybe it will come when most women love their entire body?

If this triggers strong sensations, I recommend taking a few deep breaths.

How can we turn this heavy cultural inheritance into nourishment?

Here's the positive: most people around the world now recognise that a change is needed. That means a good degree of social readiness. On an individual level, we start with learning what's really there and practicing acceptance. Love is then a natural consequence.

For me, the most effective, nourishing, and beautiful method is to look at the root. Eros is the energy of life, where the battery and strength lie. Therefore, working with sexuality quickly reveals limiting beliefs and motivates their transformation.

I suggest a few-minute practice.

  • Close your eyes, breathe for a minute.

  • Think about how you relate to your vulva and vagina? To their appearance, to their role in your life?

  • Continue breathing, shake your body if needed.

  • Different emotions may arise, and that's normal. Any emotion is just information for you. Write it down in a notebook and share with me if you wish.

Given the oppressed status of women over centuries, their "seductive sinfulness," our attitude towards our bodies affects our self-esteem, our access to life energy, our relationships with men and women, and through this - everything. I will continue to explore this vast topic in a series of videos about female organs. Meanwhile, I want to leave you with this thought: your body and your vagina are masterpieces of nature. Natural value lies in its diversity, not in following some advertising-invented ideal. We don't usually look at trees and think: "this trunk should be a bit thinner here."

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