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Superb intimacy rests on presence, action & vulnerability.

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Adoration of the Feminine Most of us tend to think that when others share their problems, they are seeking solutions. However, in personal relationships, it's often not about fixing issues but rather about receiving loving attention. Being present without the intent to solve anything can be one of the greatest gifts we offer, including to ourselves.

Understanding our own discomforts, like the instinct to pass a tissue to someone crying, can be revealing. It begs the question: Who are we passing the tissue for?

The Sexiest Thing a Man Can Do: Pay Attention

man with a strong, loving presence commands attention the moment he enters a room, especially from women. This presence, which opens all inner doors and vulnerabilities, requires no action yet represents the highest skill.

Why is Loving Presence Powerful? Loving presence is about appreciation, respect, and care. It allows life to unfold naturally. When met with such an attitude, our nervous system relaxes and instinctively pursues well-being.

What is Loving Presence? Loving presence means being with another while respecting mutual needs and desires, not imposing one's agenda but finding a balance in giving and receiving. It is a skill honed through practices like the Wheel of Consent.

Loving Presence in Intimacy In intimate settings, loving presence helps find the right pace, addressing the common issue of rushing, especially in feminine sexuality. Women often feel pressured to keep up, but their distinct physiology and energetics require more time to warm up. A prelude of at least 40 minutes, including touch and closeness, can significantly enhance intimacy.

The Space of Loving Presence This space allows for open communication and exploration in relationships. It's where we can ask and express freely, even if it feels vulnerable initially. It's a space where deep intimacy and connection flourish.

We’re able to ask questions and make requests. Some of my favourites are: “Does this feel good?”, “How can I make it better?”, “Oh! This feels amazing! Pleeeease, darling, remember this spot!”, “Could you slow down here for a bit?”, “Let’s pause. I just want to feel your body close now”. This can be very vulnerable in the beginning. And the vulnerability is often a part of deep intimacy.

Conclusion Embracing loving presence in our relationships transforms how we connect and communicate, creating deeper, more meaningful bonds.

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