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Part 3. Giving supreme pleasure : male & female genital & pelvis floor anatomy.

In parts one and two of giving supreme pleasure, I have discussed emotional and psychological aspects of sexuality. Genitals are not isolated from the rest of the human being. The body, the heart and mind they are connected to often need to feel relaxed, safe and desiring intimacy for blissful pleasure and most exquisite orgasms of your life to occur. See earlier chapters of these series for some tips on building intimacy prior to interacting with someone's genitalia.

In this video I explain the major components of female and male genital anatomy and how to touch someone for pleasure. This is the material we should have been taught in secondary school, but here you go... Better late than never.

Just to re-iterate, physical pleasure mastery, despite the prevailing idea, is one component of pleasure. And the more you build intimacy on all levels, the more deep and nourishing pleasure you can generate with your partner. People in mid and senior age that refuse to give up on themselves say it only gets better. Please share any feedback, appreciation or comments below. And to put your privacy concerns at rest, they are anonymous.

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