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Mastering the Art of Edging: Enhancing Connection & Pleasure

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Edging is a fancy name for an ancient truth: the more time we have, the deeper is the connection experience.

It is a technique to prolong sexual experience and intensify pleasure. Edging is gaining popularity among individuals and couples seeking to deepen their sexual connection. This article explores the art of edging, focusing on methods like circular breathing, sounding, and mindful pleasure control, to transform your sexual encounters into a more profound and satisfying experience.

Understanding Edging

Edging is the practice of approaching the brink of climax and then sloowing dooooown, right doooown, deliberately reducing stimulation, thus delaying orgasm. This technique not only enhances sexual pleasure but also leads to more intense orgasms when they do occur. It's a game of letting the body feel more while allowing a possibility of unknown heights in your mind.

Circular Breathing: A Key Technique in Edging

Circular breathing is a powerful tool in the edging arsenal. This technique involves breathing in a continuous, flowing pattern: inhaling the pleasure up your body from your genitals to your heart and bringing your love to your genitals when exhaling. Two-three count inhales, 2-3 counts exhales to start with, then gradually increasing the counts. Circular breathing helps in spreading the arousal throughout the body and being more present with the sensations in your body thus slowing down the mind.

Sounding: Unlocking the Vagus Nerve

Sounding involves making various sounds like humming, howling, or even laughter during sexual activity. It may feel a little awkward in the beginning if you're not used to, practicing sounding as a stand alone game can get you more relaxed in the action. This practice stimulates the vagus nerve, which plays a crucial role in the body's relaxation response. This way you can feel more pleasure throughout the body without going over the top.

Shaking: relax & drop the borders

Shaking allows us both to release any extra tension and to dissolve perceived borders between parts of our bodies, ourselves and our partners and ourselves and the environment. We can easily notice these effects as we move the body rapidly. Shaking combines well with circular breathing and sounding.

The Mind-Game of Pleasure circulation

The mental aspect of edging involves telling yourself, "I can feel more pleasure without having to climax." When approaching orgasm, slowing down or stopping stimulation allows you to relax into the pleasure. Repeating this process 3-5 times during sex can significantly enhance the experience. By combining the above 3 you'll keep accumulating pleasure throughout the body and moving your ejaculation threshold higher, higher and higher.

Deepening the Connection: One Hour of Penetration

Most women need 30-60 minutes to achieve deeper vaginal orgasms, so staying in connection longer will give your partner an opportunity to reach higher, immensely nourishing states of pleasure. With some practice it'll be possible for you both to experience full-body orgasms.

Combining Techniques for a Shared Experience

Once comfortable with these techniques, couples can play with breathing, sounding, and moving together. This synergy creates unique sensations, where energy vividly travels between partners, enhancing the bond and intimacy, leading to  shared orgasmic experiences.


Edging is more than just a sexual technique; it's a journey into deeper sexual awareness and connection. Moreover, this technique when mastered fully brings about a qualitatively different kind of orgasms: bull body and non-ejaculatory orgasms leading to complete bliss and altered states of consciousness.

By practicing circular breathing, sounding, and mental sense of wonder and openness, individuals and couples can transform their sexual experiences into something truly extraordinary. Remember, the key to mastering edging lies in kindness, play, curiosity, practice, and open communication with your partner.

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