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How does one communicate the value of magic?

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Most clients, having experienced my work, say something along the lines: "There is a whole world of feeling that I've not explored before", "It's magic", "Wow! I've never felt anything like this before", "I am high, in an altered state".

And I know they are saying the truth, because through this work I have many time discovered something that I would not be able to imagine prior to an experience.

There is a scientific explanation for such magic, at least to a degree available to the science now. Ellen Heed, Phd compares a human brain to a ramshackle house with foundations being a "reptilian" brain (survival functions, e.g. continuous scanning for safety), the kitchen. limbic system or "mammalian" brain that runs our metabolism, houses memories and produces chemical-emotional cues and "executive office", cortex and neocortex, that houses long-term memories, meaning making, opinions, sense of purpose. Healthy brain functioning and its growth depends on integration and increasing communication between the rooms of the house, from inner to outer, from oldest to newest.

Thus, by paying attention to our bodies' physical and emotional cues while engaging in a sexual activity, we can achieve a simultaneous activation of the whole brain. And regular practice would grow more neural connections, thus growing our intelligence and wellbeing.

If we were to take a brain scan, it would most likely look similar to a brain on LSD ( see picture above taken from this article by ICL). And that's what most of my clients report their felt experience is like.

However, before one has tried, it seems very hard to communicate the immense value of such explorations. Most clients that come to me (and people in general, I believe) are sensually and sexually deprived with exception of visual stimulation. It seems to be a curse of the modern world: we're so focused on the brain activity that most other faculties of our being are dormant most of the time.

I believe this is the reason why most prospective clients, having been visually over-stimulated, struggle to appreciate an immense capacity of our skin, noses, throats, bellies and backs to feel pleasure. There is no easy solution, it seems, you just have to try if something deeply inside of you feels drawn and possibly a bit scared. Due to lack of sexual education & religious repression globally, one cannot imagine this other world they enter through acceptance, trust, relaxation and playful exploration of the possibility of uniting our sexual pleasure with all other faculties in our beings.

And, when you work with me, you to go home fully equipped: a large proportion of knowledge, attitude and skills that create magic is immediately transferable to your intimate life, and all of it with practice.

It's not always easy, but as wise men say: "Difficult paths often lead to beautiful destinations". And I've not seen anything more beautiful, mysterious, and influential to our personal and professional lives as sacred sexuality. Hence it's priceless to me.

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