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Cycle Happy - essential knowledge for cyclical humans and those around them.

PMS = Problem of Machine-like Socialization. Thanks to the pioneering work of thousands of women around the world, it is now a sound empirical knowledge that PMS and crazy moods are not an inherent quality of menstruating women. They are a result of our cultures forcing us to function like machines, not honouring one of the life-giving mechanism of female bodies.

Common Experiences and Misconceptions

  • Many women view menstruation as an inconvenience, often resorting to medication.

  • Others don't experience a cycle due to various reasons like health conditions or contraceptive pills.

  • The cycle is an ongoing journey, continuously improving as we understand it better.

Cycle as a Source of Knowledge

Particularly from the mid-30s onwards, the menstrual cycle can be a profound source of insight and inspiration. It's a built-in mechanism for life balance, offering an opportunity for ego dissolution and spiritual guidance.

Benefits of Embracing the Cycle

Imagine losing menstrual cramps and PMS, gaining energy, and increasing productivity. By embracing their cycle, women form a new consciousness, understanding womanhood from within, not as portrayed by mainstream media.

The Intelligence of the Cycle

Paying attention to the menstrual cycle reveals a unique form of intelligence, offering a deeper self-awareness and a more efficient way of working.

The Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle can be likened to the changing seasons, each phase bringing unique energies and opportunities for growth.

Winter (Menstruation Phase): Embracing Rest and Reflection This phase, akin to winter, is a time of introspection and renewal. It's an opportunity to slow down, reflect, and connect deeply with one's inner self. It's a period when the body needs rest, and the mind benefits from stillness. This phase encourages us to embrace our need for solitude and self-care, allowing us to recharge and prepare for the coming phases.

Spring (Follicular Phase): Blossoming and Rejuvenation As we move into the follicular phase, energy begins to rise, mirroring the freshness of spring. This is a time of new beginnings, increased creativity, and renewed enthusiasm. It's an ideal period for planning, brainstorming, and initiating new projects. Our minds are clear, and our spirits are uplifted, making it the perfect time to set intentions and goals.

Summer (Ovulatory Phase): Radiating Energy and Connection The ovulatory phase, like summer, is characterized by high energy and social connectivity. This is when we feel most outgoing, confident, and expressive. It's a time for communication, collaboration, and celebration of relationships. We are at our most charismatic and can effectively work on tasks that require teamwork and social interaction.

Autumn (Luteal Phase): Reflection and Grounding As we enter the luteal phase, our energy begins to wane, much like the transition to autumn. This phase is a time for turning inward, reflecting on what has been accomplished, and preparing for the quieter days ahead. It's a period of heightened intuition and emotional awareness, allowing us to evaluate our progress and make adjustments. This phase can be challenging due to the onset of PMS, but it also provides a valuable opportunity for personal growth and emotional processing.

Embracing Each Phase

Understanding and embracing each phase of the menstrual cycle can profoundly impact how we navigate life. By aligning our activities with the natural rhythm of our bodies, we can optimize our productivity, creativity, and well-being.

Integration into Daily Life

  • During menstruation, prioritize rest, reflection, and gentle activities.

  • In the follicular phase, focus on new projects, brainstorming, and creative endeavors.

  • Utilize the ovulatory phase for social activities, teamwork, and communication.

  • In the luteal phase, engage in introspective practices and prepare for the cycle's renewal.

Feminine Leadership and the Cycle

Embracing the menstrual cycle fosters self-knowledge and compassion, vital for authentic leadership. It allows women to bring their whole selves to the world, supporting life by being life.

Moreover, I firmly believe that menstrual cycle awareness, through teaching us to embrace cyclical nature of our lives, growth, maintenance, decay and death, can give us crucial embodied knowledge to end incessant wars, recover animal and plant diversity and address destructive human influence on climate change.

Moving Forward

  • Spend a few cycles learning about yourself.

  • Keep a diary to note daily physical and emotional feelings.

  • Observe how your experiences align with the different phases of the cycle.

  • Prioritize rest, especially during the initial days of the cycle.

  • "How the f*ck to I live my cycle in a non-cyclical world?!" - one of my favourite quotes from the book "Wild Power" by Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer. They suggest to use the "1% rule" for something you currently don't practice: if you didn't have commitments, how would you nourish yourself right now? Do 1% or more of that. This 1% has a way of growing.

What can men learn & how they can support the Cycle

  1. Educate Yourself: Take the time to educate yourself about the menstrual cycle. Learn about the different phases, their characteristics, and the potential physical and emotional changes that may occur. Knowledge is the foundation for understanding and empathy. Recognize that women's cyclical nature is a source of visceral connection with life that you can also learn by observation and participation.

  2. Celebrate Uniqueness: Embrace and celebrate your partner's unique cycle and the wisdom it brings. Her body shows emotional or physical challenges is an information to take into account. This is most often a signal of need for care, rest and nourishment.

  3. Be Patient and Understanding: During the menstrual phase (Winter), your partner may need extra rest and self-care. Be patient if they are experiencing discomfort or mood swings. Offer to help with household chores, prepare comforting meals, or simply provide a comforting presence.

  4. Support Creativity: In the Follicular phase (Spring), your partner may feel more energetic and creative. Encourage and support their creative endeavors or new projects. Engage in brainstorming sessions together and celebrate their enthusiasm.

  5. Connect Socially: During the Ovulatory phase (Summer), your partner may be more outgoing and socially inclined. Plan social activities or date nights to connect with them during this time. This is an ideal period for bonding and celebrating your relationship.

  6. Emotional Support in Luteal Phase: The Luteal phase (Autumn) can be emotionally challenging. This is a time where uncomfortable truth may be spoken. Take heart, be kind to yourself and them. Your partner may be inclined to take stock and highlight what doesn't serve. It's a clearing stage.


Embracing the menstrual cycle as a natural rhythm of life empowers women to live more harmoniously and authentically. By recognizing and honoring each phase, we can optimize our well-being, productivity, and personal growth. This journey, inspired by holistic health perspectives and the wisdom of "Wild Power", invites us to celebrate our unique cycles and harness our innate power.

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