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Discovering Tantra: A Sensory Journey

Introduction to Tantra

I'm going to introduce you to one of my favorite practices: tantra. It's such a versatile and fun thing to do that I just love practicing it, both with my clients at the beginning of their journey and with my personal connections almost any time. Our senses are fundamental to our well-being and understanding the way here, knowing that we are present. They are really amazing in bringing you right into the present moment. Using the senses to make yourself feel good and to bring pleasure to your experience of life is also very motivating. It's so easy for us to stay in this present moment when we're experiencing something nice. That's for this reason senses are so valued in tantra and used a lot.

The Power of Presence

It's also amazing because, in our current world, we are constantly rushing, constantly having goals, trying to achieve something, living in the future or in the past. The senses are the tool that is increasing us right here and now, in the present moment. They have a balancing effect to the sympathetic overdrive that we are experiencing in our daily lives, trying to do things as fast as possible, as efficient as possible, producing as much profit, benefit, growth, and all that. That's why I really love it, because they are supporting relaxation, rest, and the feeling of safety and being present here in this red body and now. This effect has huge consequences for our well-being that are maybe underestimated by people that have been working in a certain mode for a long time.

Tantra in Daily Life

This experience is not only a fun exercise to do as a play with your partner. You can also do it in any situation in life. We can take elements of this play into your lunch, into your sitting in traffic, or even you can play these things with your children or in different support. There will be so. I really take, and I'm so, I really encourage you to take this practice really as a big exploration for the next couple of months. Think about different situations where you can experiment with each of the senses and see what the results are. Note down how they affect different people, how different this experience is, and also how different people react to these experiences at different times.

Sensory Exploration and Personal Growth

Some of you might start with liking the smells and not so much the taste, and being indifferent to sights, and then you might be sensitizing yourself to those experiences more and more, feeling more pleasure in these senses. Or you might notice just this ability of, you know, we might not. With this practice, we are inviting you to learn about your sensors, how you feel about them, and have a choice to change their role and presence in your life. Because most of us have adopted patterns of interaction with our senses from our parents, from our caretakers, from our social environment, from things that are considered appropriate or inappropriate. And while this is useful for you to build your life in the way you build it up to now, this is also limiting to an extent because you don't know how else you can do, how else we can interact with a sense. So bringing our conscious awareness and sense of play and enjoyment to something as basic to our existence as senses allows us to reboot and maybe have a say in how we go forward.

Conclusion: Embracing Tantra

And there is really no end to it. We can continue our capacity for pleasure, we can continue enjoying each of our senses, feeling just nice around them, and then feeling very nice, getting our environment expanding, and so on. I have practiced this now for 12 years, and I continue to expand my capacity for orgasmic sensations in different senses. I'm very excited for you to start this journey and looking forward to hearing what you think about it, how you're noticing the effects of this practice.

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