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Casual Sex is an oxymoron: Understanding the Depth of Intimacy.

Here you'll find out why and how to not compromise if depth is currently not available.


In the journey towards understanding conscious sexuality, the concept of 'casual sex' emerges as a significant oxymoron. This article delves into why casual encounters in the sexual realm often lead to a sense of emptiness, despite the pursuit of pleasure.

The Profound Union of Sexuality

Sex is not just a physical act; it represents the deepest physical union two bodies can experience. You're literally inside one another! This level of intimacy extends beyond the physical, touching emotional and spiritual realms. It's a powerful force that can bring immense joy or deep pain, shaping our emotional and spiritual health. If we want depth but go for shallow sex, we can hurt ourselves because as healthy human beings we cannot make sex not affect our feelings, emotions and mental state.

The Commodification of Sex in Modern Society

Today's society often portrays sex as a commodity. Advertisements featuring attractive individuals in suggestive clothing sell everything from luxury cars to vacations, linking sexual appeal with material success. This portrayal can skew our perception of sex, reducing it to a symbol of power or a transactional act, similar to the dynamics observed in the animal kingdom.

The Unconscious Power of Sexuality

C.G. Jung's insight that "until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate," is particularly relevant to sexuality. Unconscious desires and patterns can drive our sexual behavior if we don't actively acknowledge and understand them.

Physiological and Neuroscientific Perspectives on Sex

Our bodies are complex, interconnected systems, and our reproductive health is closely linked to our overall well-being. Casual sexual encounters, lacking awareness, can disrupt this balance. From a neuroscience perspective, sex activates all major brain areas. Conscious sexual practices can enhance cognitive abilities and emotional intelligence by creating new synaptic connections.

Spiritual Growth through Conscious Sexuality

Sexual experiences offer unique opportunities for spiritual growth, allowing us to let go of limiting beliefs and experience a free flow of energy. This transformative exchange requires respect and awareness, far removed from the superficiality of casual encounters.

The Search for Love and Connection through Sex

Beyond survival, humans seek love and connection. Conscious, meaningful sexual experiences can directly fulfill this need, offering a depth and richness that casual sex cannot provide.

If at the moment you don't have anyone to share such intimacy with, I inivite you to ask yourself a question: "Do I feel as an attractive partner to be in deep intimacy with?" If I don't, then can I expect others to? I highly recommend not to compromise on your needs because for a profound connection and build one with yourself instead. This will provide you with a fulfilling sexual life and will serve as the best foundation to find a partner that longs to be in deep connection with you.

I don't compromise on depth in intimacy. And for a highly sexual person like me being in such integrity can be a challenge. There have been times where that meant having no sex with other people for 6, 10 or even 15 months. To summarise my position, I often share the following with a potential new lover:

"I am a superb lover to myself, so a purely physical stimulation is of very little value to me. I have mastered this art so well that loving myself is as or at times even more fulfilling than sex I had with partners in the past. I am drawn to this connection because I want to feel you fully: your mind, your emotions and your eros when we connect. "

And I find people willing to be with me fully. I strongly believe that every person is worthy of that and shallow connections will not get us there.

Conclusion: Embracing the Depth of Sexual Intimacy

In summary, casual sex, when viewed through the lens of conscious sexuality, overlooks the profound impact sexual encounters have on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. True fulfillment in our sexual experiences comes from recognizing and honoring this depth. Embracing the transformative power of intimacy leads to a more fulfilling and connected life.

My Supreme Inner Lover one-month online programme with 1-1 coaching is designed to do get you to be the best lover for yourself. And through that you also become the best lover for others. Remember, you've always got yourself.

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