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Can I learn to pleasure my partner by practicing with you?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Asking this question is akin to asking: "Can you teach me to win a football championship by showing the best ball kicking techniques?"

In short, it takes love and attention to give divine pleasure to anyone. And that I can support you to cultivate by exploring sacred sexuality philosophy and practices.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to not just be good in bed, but to elevate the experience to something almost spiritual? This question is similar to asking how to win a football championship by mastering the art of kicking the ball. In this insightful article, we delve into the art of intimate pleasure that transcends mere physicality, leading to profound states of consciousness and a deep connection with one's partner, akin to a union with the divine.

When clients approach me for the first time, their requests often stem from a blend of desires: to become an exceptional lover, to derive pleasure from their own touch, and a lack of understanding of what it truly means to elevate someone to such ecstatic heights. This mix of motivations is common in a society that often provides a skewed perspective on sexuality.

However, as a trained professional, I have a heightened sense of how touch affects me and others. Most people are unaware of the extent to which their touch impacts others, which can be harmful. Let's revisit the football analogy: to execute a great technique.

I. You need to be fit.

In the realm of intimacy, this means being in tune with your own body, emotions, and mind. Touching someone affects them on multiple levels, and it's crucial to be sensitive to these subtle nuances.

II. Understanding the rules of the game is vital before touching another.

The Wheel of Consent, a groundbreaking framework for intimate dynamics, distinguishes between serving, taking, allowing, and accepting. Without this knowledge, one might inadvertently cause discomfort or misunderstandings by offering one thing while subconsciously wanting another. We all have done it, but there is a way more enriching way to go about getting what we want.

III. Staying true to agreements takes ability to feel intense arousal and not act on it.

Additionally, like a skilled football player who reads their teammates and opponents under pressure, one must learn to navigate intense arousal while remaining true to the agreed-upon boundaries. Couple's pleasure is akin to a team sport; it requires more than individual skill.

Therefore, I advocate against engaging in intimate touch with someone who hasn't undergone training in body awareness, consent, and boundaries. When affection present, to strike a balance between our need for closeness and need for education, something as simple as practice a few Wheel of Consent games can be sufficient to learn how to explore each other in a fun and safe manner.

In conclusion, the journey to becoming a masterful lover is not just about physical techniques; it's about developing a profound understanding of oneself and others. It's about building a bridge between the physical and the spiritual, ensuring that every touch is not just satisfying but transformative. This approach not only enhances pleasure but also respects and honors the deep emotional and psychological aspects of intimacy, making every encounter a step towards a more connected and fulfilling experience.

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